“Descendant of Desert” is a conceptual wearable device that intends to help humans survive under extreme conditions in deserts. It speculates a future where the earth’s environment has come to the extreme and we human beings have to implement technical means to adapt to the desert-like future environment.

We aim to present a new human biomorph that enables us to survive in the desert without taking refuge from the physical dependencies, like the house or tent we usually depend on for a living. Desert animals such as scorpions’ adaptations and accommodations to the barren and fervent environment are taken as references of how we think humans should take their step of evolution. We want to provoke our audience to think about the possible ways of human evolution and what the deterioration of the natural environment will bring to humankind.

Behind the scene

Special thanks to Professor Michael Ang for the photos and all the help throughout the making of this project!

Categories: Fall 2022