This report outlines the current status of the ‘Desert Whispers’ project. Our team has focused on testing individual components, developing a prototype, and preparing designs for 3D printing.

1. Component Testing and Selection
  • Neopixel LED Strip: A crucial element of our project. We’ve chosen the Neopixel LED light strip and plan to integrate two LED squares in each leaf, covered by a 3D printed leaf. This decision was based on the strip’s size and brightness.
  • Speaker: The selection of a suitable speaker is complete. We’re currently experimenting with different sound options to determine the most fitting audio experience for the project.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: After evaluating various sensors, we’ve selected the ultrasonic distance sensor. This sensor excels in detection and distance sensing, making it ideal for our needs.
2. Prototype Development

Tree/Bush Model: We’ve constructed a preliminary model of the tree/bush using aluminium foil, tape, and wooden sticks. This model serves as a physical representation of our concept and helps in visualizing the final product.

3. 3D Printing and Design

Leaf Design: The leaf design was created using Blender, as our team is more familiar with this software than Tinkercad. The 3D model of the leaf measures 4 cm in length, 2 cm in width, and 7 mm in height. Our immediate goal is to print two prototypes to test:

  • Size appropriateness.
  • Connection quality between two parts with LED squares housed inside.

If successful, we plan to print 15 complete leaves, totalling 30 parts.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Our project is progressing well, with key components selected and a prototype in development. Our next steps include finalizing the sound element, testing the 3D-printed leaves, and integrating all components into one circuit. 

Categories: Fall 2023