1. Very wide shot of the dunes during the day, panning
to the drum set up/seating area in a lower spot below the dunes.
2. A wide shot of a person walking alone in the desert
who then comes across the drums and curiously goes towards them
3. The person approaches the installation and starts to
play the drums, triggering the light interaction in the date basket.
It glows a single color (blue, for example)
4. As the sun starts to set, a second person notices
the music coming from the installation. An over-the-shoulder
shot of person B noticing and then going toward person A.
5. Bird’s eye-view shot of the newcomer joining and
starting to play the drums. This shot will closely capture
the installation’s details such as the drums, dates, and
interaction while people playing the drums. 
6. Medium shot at sunset of the light interaction
(blending of colors) when the two people play together.
Demonstrating connectivity and a sense of community
from rhythm to color. 
7. A wide shot at sunset of the Luminous Rhythms
installation with the desert landscape as people
begin to gather around it. 
Categories: Fall 2023