1) Day in the Desert scene to setup context behind the installation.

2) Dramatic introduction of the main character- AEOLUS

3) AEOLUS moves further away from the camera, revealing itself and leaving behind wheg-prints in the sand for animals (life in the desert) to follow.

4) Contrasting day and night clips of AEOLUS’s light glowing during dusk and not in the day.

5) Detailed shots of the Light and the pattern the glow creates to draw life towards it.

6) Long shot of the AEOLUS looking for life in the night as it knows that’s the best time to socialize with them.

7) Spots life at a distance, moves closer to it but maintains a safe distance.

8) Closer shot of AEOLUS approaching the life detected.

9) Life is detected at a safe distance to document its presence.

10) AEOLUS sends out sound signals to its alien friends in excitement of its newest discovery.

11) Some desert animals enjoy the music their newfound friend is making, while others run away from this beast.

(conceptual) AEOLUS keeps a record of the friendly animals and the ones that were scared and only approaches its friends from the next day onwards.

12) Rolling Credits

Categories: Fall 2023