I found a couple of different 3D printed potentiometer knob designs, all from thingiverse. I particularly liked the ones that had a customization aspect to it, so you can have the standard design or create something interesting.


These first two are under the category of normal looking knobs. They’re clean and simple designs that do the job. Both designs are similar to a modern synth knob design. For the first image, I particularly like the texture/pattern on the sides of the knob because it adds more to the design.


This one is a customizable potentiometer knob, where you can put the text you want on the top of it. The side design of this is also quite unique from others on the website. What I saw a lot were straight grooves along the side, whereas this design has the grooves diagonally along the side.


This one is also a customizable design. Some of the images provided show unique shapes to the knob, in addition to the standard/normal round knob. As said in the description, the variables in the file can be adjusted to what you like.

Note: This uses OpenSCAD


This one includes several variations of a potentiometer knob design. I feel like this one can be categorized in between normal and unique knob design, since there are multiple styles for this one. The unique thing about the designs for these knobs is that the width is not uniform throughout. For instance, one of the designs has a wider top and base, but the middle is slimmer. Another example is one of the knobs has a smaller top that grows wider down to the base.

Honorable mention:


I thought this one was a fun and unique design for a potentiometer knob, since it is chicken head shaped. I’m not sure how it would fit into the projects, but it is a more unique and interesting shape compared to a standard, normal knob.


I decided to look at the very end of the list and this one is pretty interesting looking. If Wheggo was a lizard and there were potentiometer knobs coming out of it, the circles around the knob could add an interesting pattern.