I found a few different LED diffusers for both single LEDs and the NeoPixel Ring, all from thingiverse. Most of the diffusers had interesting shapes, but I didn’t find anything that was similar to, for instance, a light bulb shape.

Single LED Diffuser


According to the description, this diffuser is used as a light painting tool. The shape is also an interesting one, and again it is not like a standard, round cover.

Demo video of the different LED diffuser shapes

This one had a few different diffuser shape designs (as seen in the video). The crystal and coral shaped ones connect to the nature aspect of the projects, therefore they are more suitable than the other designs. The other ones, however, are still interesting to look at as well.

NeoPixel Ring


This diffuser is for the NeoPixel 24 LED ring. It’s a simple, but clean cover that goes over the whole ring, but the bottom is not covered.


This is almost the same exact thing as the one above, but this one has a cover for the bottom and the edges are rounded. It also is designed for a NeoPixel 24 LED ring.


This is also for a NeoPixel 24 LED ring, but instead of being flat all the way around, there are spikes to add dimension to it. In a way, it looks like pyramids or mountains.

Honorable mentions:


I wasn’t sure if this one would count as a light diffuser, since it’s more of a lamp, but I felt like this design is very unique and has the nature element to it. This works with a NeoPixel 12 LED ring.


This is similar to the one above, with a unique and interesting design. One potential issue is that it doesn’t specify what kind of LEDs can be placed under it. There is a compartment in the base specifically for the LED, however there are no pictures of how the base looks like.