List of Things We Worked On

This week, we worked on quite a few aspects of our project.

  • We started 3D printing the flowers -> We found a free to use 3D lotus file. I don’t think we’re going to use all of the mechanisms but we did start printing the petals and are now in the process of finding a way to attach the mechanism to these new petals. We found a few art sculpture wire rolls to use.
  • We soldered the motor drivers and the 3W neopixel -> This is just so we’re not doing any last minute soldering. We need the motor drivers because we’re using motors to power up the mechanism. We’re using the 3W LED to project the blue light (maybe).
  • We started animating the Neopixels.

Project Plan

Find our project plan here under TASK LIST + MATERIAL LIST.

List of Plans for Next Week

  • Finish attaching the mechanism to the new plastic petals.
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