Storyboard Idea

Our storyboard idea has two parts – a day part and a night part – depicting the dual elements of our project. The idea has been attached broken down into scenes and attached below:

Part 1 – DAY

Scene 1: A view of the desert scene (Wide shot)
Scene 2: Travelers packing up and strapping on their bags
Scene 3: Travellers working through the desert
Scene 4 and 5: Shadow falls on the pyramid – Interaction shown throw A and B roll
Scene 6: Timelapse transition between day and night in the backdrop of the interactive pyramids

Part 2 – NIGHT

Scene 7: Traveller turns on flashlight in the night
Scene 8: Travellers exploring and going near the installation at night
Scene 9: Night interactions
Scene 10: LED from bright to fade out with the backdrop of the desert dunes
Categories: Fall 2022