Try the code below with your Circuit Playground Express board!

You might need external libraries for some of the tutorials. Download the bundle version that matches your CircuitPython firmware version.

Check out HERE to learn how to install the libraries to your board.

Circuit Playground Express ONLY:

LED Blink: We’re going to blink the little red LED next to the USB port.

Slide switch: The slide switch doesn’t control the power of the board. It is a switch that returns True or False depending on whether it’s left or right.

Tap: You have the ability to tap your board to tell it to do something.

Shake: You have the ability to shake your board to tell it to do something.

NeoPixel: They’re located in a ring around the board, just inside the outer ring of alligator-clip-friendly pads. You can create any color of the rainbow with these LEDs! You can also give a try towards the Fancy NeoPixel example here.

Light: It senses the amount of ambient light and returns the light level based on that data.

Accelaration: This sensor can provide acceleration values for the x, y and z axes in addition to taps and shakes.

Button: Button A is on the left and button B is on the right. You can use them to tell your board to do something when you press them.

Temperature: It returns the temperature in Celsius.

Captive Touch: There are seven capacitive touch pads around the outside, labeled A1 – A6 and TX. These pads return True if you touch them. So you can use them as inputs to do all sorts of fun stuff!

Play Tone: This speaker is capable of multiple things including the ability to play tones. You want to play the tone only when you provide an input? Check out here.

Play Music File:  The speaker is also able to play monotone music encoded in a special format called wav files!

Color Detection: We’re going to use light sensor on Circuit Playground Express to plot color levels.

Heartbeat Pulse: We’re going to use the light sensor on Circuit Playground Express to plot pulse sensing. 

Circuit Playground Express with devices:

Digital Inputs & Outputs

Analog Inputs & Outputs

Infrared Receive and Transmit with Circuit Playground Express: need two boards.

Treasure Hunt: need multiple boards.

Circuit Playground Express Compass

Soil Muisture

A bit challenging: Tilt Controlled Marble Maze

A bit challenging: Perfect Pitch Machine

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